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First I would like to make it clear that the transition into becoming a parent is a superhero challenge like no other. Not only are you caring for yourself, your needs, and your day-to-day errands; you are also the gatekeeper of your child’s happiness and health. Thinking of how to be the ideal parent who has it all weighs a heavy burden. We are here to help you get ideas on what ways will work best for you and your little ones so you may be a good parent, while still being productive.

We all know that in today’s busy world, it is easier to put your child in front of a screen in order to get moving on your to-do list. However, don’t count your little ones out of your activities. Let’s not forget that not only are you taking on super hero challenges, you are their super hero. They look up to you, and want to spend time with you. So involving them in your day-to-day chores is a bonus in their world. Now, it can be hard to get everything done you want but, there are some things we have found that aren’t so difficult, and help you spend time with your little ones.

Cooking with Kids

Cooking with your kids teaches them a lifetime skill.

Let’s start with cooking. There are many ways to include your child in the culinary world. Teaching them the art of cooking starts with the basics. Get your child some special items like a mini chef hat, an apron, and a mini spatula, and show them how it is done. Not only does this teach them how to cook (which will help as they get older) it will also give you quality time you can both enjoy. Make it a weekly or daily task. It may take a few minutes longer at first but, as time goes on it will become routine. You will start making memories that will last you a lifetime and your little one will have a skill they can carry throughout theirs.

Learning How to Read (Again)

Reading is a great way to bond with your children.

Now it is time to take a moment to mourn all the hours of reading that have been given up for the sake of watching a show because… it was just easier. We think we have found a way to help regain this time and help you and your child be productive. Believe it or not, the library still exists. Take a visit to your local library with your child. Pick out some books you would both like to read. Make time to read your books together, discuss them, and help them through the words or parts they don’t understand. Enjoying a book together is not only a nice way to interact, it’s also a good way to cool down and let your minds settle at the end of the day.

Running Around

Working out with your kids teaches them the importance of staying active & healthy.

Next let us think about all the days you said you would work out and ended up being too tired to move another inch. Running around after your little ones uses up a lot of your energy. But what if you actually ran with your little ones instead? Yes literally! Make them part of your workout! Take a bike ride, go for a walk together, even use them as a weight if they are little enough. Lessons can be learned while you stay fit and healthy! You and your little one can both get so much out of your daily energy burst!

Getting Out and Away

Our final suggestion for now is to take a family trip! Take a ski trip, go camping or to the beach, find a place you want to go and bring your little ones with you. Chances are if you like it, they will too. Teach them your favorite things to do. As they get older, it just might be something you may be able to bond over more. Every trip is a memory you both will love.

Every task takes time, and time is the only thing we can’t get back. So spend it with the ones you love, and the ones who love you. As our farewell we would like to say you are doing a great job! These tips aren’t perfect, but neither is any parenting style. But if we can help even a little bit, then we have done our job! Until next time!

Fondly, Dr.Pops!

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