Less Toys, Happier Kids

Does this scenario ring a bell? Your child opens a very nice, very expensive gift for their birthday. They take a few minutes to say ooh or ahh, but then they spend more time playing with the cardboard box it came in!? Or, they have tons of toys to play with in their playroom, but they’d rather spend time in the bathroom playing with the toilet paper instead? True story.

So, this made me think…

maybe my kids don’t need so many toys to play with after all?

We thought so. And so now we go through our kids’ toys about once a month to donate some toys they don’t use anymore. The kids help us do this too – it helps teach them the importance of charity as well. Another good option is to rotate toys. If you have a storage room, store some toys they haven’t used in a while there. About once a month or so, rotate their toys – bring out some ‘new’ ones that have been in storage for awhile, and put away some others. One in for every one out, we say. Bonus points if your kids help with this process. (Maybe even reward them with a Dr Pops lollipop!)

Less toys also leads to less mess (translation: less cleaning) and less chaos. It feels good to declutter and simplify, and your kids will agree. It will also help teach your kids the importance of taking care of the toys they have.

Furthermore, having fewer toys helps promote more creative play. They are more likely to make a fort out of blankets, chairs and pillows; or make a pirate ship out of boxes and look through their paper towel roll telescope.

So for all these reasons, go ahead and start to declutter your kids playroom today.


About the Author

Becca Greenwald 

Health-conscientious (and tired) mama to two adorable little boys, writing from my own experiences. @beccababybrody

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