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Hello! My name is Katie Moeller. I am a mommy and blogger (@sycamorekate). I am lucky enough to be able to stay at home with my two boys, Wyatt who is 5 and Rowan who is 2. We currently live in downtown Cincinnati but are soon making a big move into a house we’ve been remodeling in the ‘burbs.

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What’s a typical day like for you?

My oldest, Wyatt, goes to school two days a week. On the days he is home we typically start our day slowly. I’m not a morning person so I really enjoy an ease-in approach to our day. After breakfast we usually get ready for a morning outing (we love our local library, visiting the park, meeting up with friends, or even just running errands) or I set up a fun activity to keep the boys busy while I check a few things off my to-do list. After lunch Rowan takes a nap and Wyatt and I might practice spelling or play a board game. I really love this little pocket of time we get to spend together. I start dinner around 5:30 and my partner Matt gets home from work around 6. We eat and play until bedtime.


How do you handle bedtime in your house? 

Around 8:00pm I nurse Rowan in the rocker and then put him in his crib, easy peasy. Matt and Wyatt have their special bonding time and like to watch old episodes of Andy Griffith or play Super Mario. Wyatt still likes when one of us sits in the room until he falls asleep. I usually take care of Rowan’s bedtime and Matt handles Wyatt. When we move next month our boys will share a room so our routine will definitely get a shake-up…wish us luck!


Do your boys fight? If so, how do you handle it?

They actually get along really well for the most part, but there are of course moments of conflict. Most of our issues revolve around our two-year-old trying to take or destroy something his older brother is working on. I try not to intervene right away, I think it’s good for them to learn to work out their problems with one another on their own. Luckily, Wyatt is a patient and loving soul, especially when it comes to his brother, so things don’t usually escalate beyond a little arguing/yelling.

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Wyatt & Rowan playing in the pumpkin patch


What’s your most frustrating #momlife moment these days?

Mostly just the inability to get anything done in an entire day! It’s amazing how much our kiddos need us and I feel like I run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off all day long. Starting one thing, getting distracted, then moving on to something else. But I try to keep a healthy perspective. Time flies and I really do enjoy being a mama even on the hard days.


What types of foods do you feed your boys? Do you opt for healthy options, all-natural/organic, non GMO? What’s your take on this?

Ideally my boys would eat all organic, non-processed foods….but that’s just not our reality. My philosophy is mostly balance – I buy organic fruits/vegetables and dairy. We don’t eat pork or beef. But my kids love mac n cheese, pizza, and sweets too so I allow those things as long as they’re eating healthy things alongside it. Neither one of my boys is a vegetable fan but smoothies and juicing are great ways to incorporate (aka hide) them 🙂 and so are Dr Pops vitamin lollipops!


Cold & cough season is upon us – what do you typically do when either of your kids gets sick with a cold? Do you opt for natural, home remedies or cough syrup for your kids?

Rowan with Dr PopsTo help prevent the sniffles, we diffuse purification oils, up the vitamin C intake, and allow for lots of rest (and cuddles). I always reach for the natural remedies first but I find homeopathy more effective in preventing illness rather than treating. Oils are great for this! I’m not opposed to medication if needed but over the last five years I don’t think we’ve ever used cough syrup. I love using essential oils, and vitamin C is important. Elderberry syrup is great too.

Lastly, my boys are obsessed with suckers, I carry them everywhere! They didn’t notice when I gave them a Dr. Pops natural sucker instead of the sugary ones they had from the Halloween stash in our lobby. They especially love the zinc flavor, they said it tastes like fruit punch! I can’t wait to use them all season long to help keep them healthy!

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