Interview with Dr Pops Mom @joeyleeelizabeth, SAHM of 3 Girls

We figured it was time to tap into the lives of some of the moms in our Dr Pops social media family and share with you some of their real ‘momlife’ tips & advice. To start it off, we interviewed kick-ass mom Joeylee Gardner aka ‘Joey’ (@joeyleeelizabeth), a Cali-based stay-at-home mom of three girls (each only two years apart), Kaylee (8), Keira (6) & Kendall (4).  Read below as Joey describes how she splits her time among her three girls, deals with sibling rivalry and handles bedtime routine and back-to-school shopping.


With three girls so close in age, how do you divide your time?
As a mom of three little girls so close in age, it’s sometimes hard to divide my time equally between each of them, but I try my best to get that one on one time with each.  When the older girls were in school the youngest got a lot of extra one on one time.  When my husband gets home, if I have to run errands I’ll take one of the girls with me to get some time together.  The same goes for my husband. Or he will bond with them over a game they play together.  As parents we try to split our time equally.


IMG_2359Do your girls play nicely together? How do you handle ‘sibling rivalry‘? 
The younger ones look up to their older sister, of course, and want to do everything she does. For the most part, they typically play really nicely together, but they definitely have their moments. There are those times that they fight over Barbie’s or a baby doll.  When they start fighting or arguing about something, they have to take a short break from playing and sit on their beds to cool off. Once they’ve settled, then they can go back to playing.  During the summer break, they seem to be bickering more with each other. So to save my sanity they take breaks more through out the day and do things on their own.  I also make sure we go play outside, go to the park, have play dates and go swimming to wear some of that energy off.  I’ve noticed that keeping them busy they fight and whine less.


What is your typical bedtime routine? Do your girls share a room? What is their favorite night time book to read?
Our typical bedtime routine is fairly easy now that they are older.  Around 8pm they get their pajamas on and brush their teeth.  The girls get about 20 minutes to play before we pick a book to read in our (mom & dad) bed. When the book is over they head into their beds, and we come in and say our ‘good nights.’  My oldest & youngest share a room, they have bunk beds (it leads to less talking) and the middle daughter lucked out with her own room (her and the little one talk too much together).  A few of the girls’ favorite books to read are Olivia, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Charlotte’s Web.


IMG_2361Your girls are always so cutely dressed – Does your little one always get hand-me-downs? 
I saved almost all of my girls’ clothes from when they were little to hand down to each of them.  When my youngest was about a year and a half we got into brand repping, and are still doing it to this day.  So the littlest does have some hand me downs, but she also has a closet full of small shop pieces.  My older girls got into it too, just not as much as the baby.  My two older girls wear the same size but their style is very different, Kaylee (the oldest) likes simple pieces, where as Keira (my middle) likes very girly pieces.  Each of the girls have their own style and I love that about them. When it’s back to school time we go through their clothes to see what they have and what they need. They usually get to pick one new outfit (plus socks & undies) and then if they need more stuff through out the year, we get it as we need it.


And last, but definitely not least – What do you think of Dr Pops all-natural lollipops?

Just being completely honest, they aren’t as sweet as a normal lollipop, so they took some getting use to. But now the girls like them, and I even have one with them too!



Feel free to follow Joey on Instagram @joeyleeelizabeth and read more on her blog as well.

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