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What To Pack Your Kids For Lunch

Back to school time comes with a laundry list of questions and things to do – Do they have enough school clothes? Do they have the right backpack? What about a lunch box? Do they have all of their school supplies? What will they do after school? Who will be there when they get home?…

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Camp Benefits Your Child’s Development

Dr Pops | Camp Benefits Child

Even though he was kicking and screaming, I dropped off my older son at camp today. Now some parents might read this and be like, why would she do that to her child? I too was conflicted by this thought, and went back and forth in my mind as I was dropping him off, in…

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6 Ways To Avoid Having a Spoiled Kid

Dr Pops Avoid Spoiled Kids

Picture this: your son is throwing a tantrum in the middle of Toys R Us because he didn’t get the BMW Ride-On car he test-drove down the aisle. Your daughter is a mess at the diner because she didn’t get to have an ice cream sundae and chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Everything they play…

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Bug Off!! Choose The Best Bug Repellent For Your Kids

Dr Pops | Bug Repellent for Kids

  The American Academy of Pediatrics says that bug repellent containing deet is considered to be safe for children as young as 2 months. Insect repellents with deet come in varying strengths — some contain up to 30-percent deet. A higher concentration of deet doesn’t mean a product is stronger, only that it lasts longer….

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Sunscreen For Your Kids: 5 Things Every Parent Should Know

Dr Pops | Sunscreen for Kids

  Summer’s here and your kids are likely spending more and more time outside enjoying the sunny weather. But no matter how they spend their days, whether they’re at the pool or the park, if they are outside kids need to wear sunscreen! It’s our job as parents to ensure we choose the best sunscreen for…

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