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Holiday Baking With Your Kids

The holidays are a great time to get together with family and friends. While you are spending more time at home, take this opportunity to bake with your kids. It’s a great activity for bonding, the kids learn so much, and you get a fun treat to share at the end of it!   Baking...

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A Parent’s Holiday Shopping Guide for Healthy Toys

With Fall in full swing we are heading into the infamous Holiday shopping season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are key shopping dates where parents and other family members are planning to purchase gifts for the children in their lives for the upcoming holidays. Before you shop, however, make sure to know what to look...

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10 Thanksgiving Day Foods That Will Fight Your Cold

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. A time to sit around with loved ones, family and friends, and give thanks. All while helping to fight the common cold!? Here are ten foods that will help you and your family have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, and feel healthy all season long.   Cranberries: If you’re...

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How to Get Your Kids to Wash Their Hands… and Love It!

Let’s face it, kids are dirty. So we all know how important it is to have kids wash their hands, especially after using the bathroom or playing outside. Aside from a healthy, vitamin-rich diet, it’s one of the best ways to keep kids from getting sick. But we also know we’re so over the 10 minutes of negotiation...

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3 Natural Ways To Fight Your Kid’s Cold

Steam. Hydrate. Rest. Anyone who is a parent knows how sad it is for everyone when your kids get sick. They feel crappy and you feel so helpless listening to their little cough (or seemingly out-of-character loud barking cough) and difficulty breathing through their tiny stuffy nose. Unfortunately since most colds are viral, there are...

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