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3 Natural Ways To Fight Your Kid’s Cold

Steam. Hydrate. Rest. Anyone who is a parent knows how sad it is for everyone when your kids get sick. They feel crappy and you feel so helpless listening to their little cough (or seemingly out-of-character loud barking cough) and difficulty breathing through their tiny stuffy nose. Unfortunately since most colds are viral, there are…

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Solutions to Screen Toys

With technology at our fingertips, the desire for imagination has decreased. Why would we create an imaginary world, when there is one on the screen even more in depth and in color than we could have come up with ourselves? On the spectrum of screen-use for children we see parents advocating for two extremes of…

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10 Ways to Stay Healthy This New Year

With the New Year coming we think about our resolutions, vows we make to ourselves to make changes for the better for the new year. Most of the time these areΒ goals we set for ourselves to be healthier, more generous, caring, overall better versions of ourselves. Here are the top 10 ways to stay healthy…

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Fun Holiday Baking With Your Kids

The holidays make me crave gingerbread men, cinnamon & egg nog, that paired with the cold weather gives me the inspiration to stay home and bake. While I’m spending more time at home, I like to take this opportunity to bake with my kids. It’s a great bonding activity, makes for some fond family memories,…

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Thanksgiving Foods To Help Your Cold Symptoms

With November fast approaching, we are starting to think about our Thanksgiving Day plans. A time to sit around with loved ones, family and friends, and give thanks, Thanksgiving is also a great time to help fight the common cold! Here are ten foods that will help you and your family have a happy and…

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