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Let Them Get Messy

Dr Pops | Messy Kids

  Kids. Mess. These two words should be synonymous. Even though we as parents can get a little crazy when our kids make messes, we really shouldn’t. Making messes is actually an integral part of growing up that will make for happier, more well-rounded kids. When multiple senses are stimulated, a child’s brain is more likely…

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Reasons To Be Anti Antibacterial Soap

Dr Pops | Reasons To Be Anti Antibacterial Soap

Many liquid soaps labeled antibacterial contain triclosan, an ingredient of concern for your health. Studies have shown that triclosan alters the way some hormones work in the body. In September, companies had to remove this ingredient from their products. As of the New Year, triclosan has been officially banned from antibacterial soaps as it has…

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Australia’s Favorite Children Books To Keep In Your Pouch

Dr Pops | Australia’s Favorite Children Books To Keep In Your Pouch

Australia’s Favorite Children’s Books To Keep In Your Pouch Sometimes, as we at Dr. Pops know, it may seem like such a task to give your kids their proper nutrients; from planning & prepping to executing (and making sure they actually eat). It is as equal a task to develop their love and interest of…

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An All-Natural Treat For Your Child

Dr Pops All Natural Treat for Your Child

Family matters, and so do ingredients. Sucking is one of our most primitive instincts as infants, and provides instant comfort. As an infant grows, the nurturing aspect of sucking remains as a subconscious memory of nurture. So, when vitamin supplements and great taste are combined into an all natural treat, both our children and ourselves…

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