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3 Natural Ways To Fight Your Kid’s Cold

Steam. Hydrate. Rest. Anyone who is a parent knows how sad it is for everyone when your kids get sick. They feel crappy and you feel so helpless listening to their little cough (or seemingly out-of-character loud barking cough) and difficulty breathing through their tiny stuffy nose. Unfortunately since most colds are viral, there are...

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Zinc & Guava: Key Ingredients In Our Vitamin Lollipops & Why They Are Good For Your Cold

What’s in our delicious tropical fruit flavored lollipops, you ask? Our lollipops are full of all natural ingredients including ones that are especially good for your cold, guava extract and zinc. Both help fight cold symptoms, strengthen your immune system and help you feel better faster.   Guava extract is full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents,...

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Why You Should Try Honey For Your Kids’ Cough

Kids get sick often; this we know is true. Do we also know that most parents double check or triple check the labels on cough medicine boxes before giving the recommended dose to our little ones? Maybe not every parent, but surely it’s common to feel hesitant and trustworthy of a brand when it comes...

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Why Yoga is Great for Kids

Kids Yoga is a great way to teach children how to manage their stress levels, build concentration, increase confidence and promote a positive self-image. It also helps kids develop body awareness and teaches them the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, by combining a diet rich in nutrients with physical movement and mindfulness. Giving children the tools to balance their...

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First Day Of School Birthdays

Having your birthday on the first days of school can be hard, especially if you’re going into a new school with new kids. But, it can also be a great opportunity to make a lasting first impression & meet new friends! Here are some ways to make your child feel extra special on their birthday.  ...

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