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Are Your Kids Ready To Go Back To School?

It might feel like summer just started, but in just a short amount of time, camp will be winding down, summer days will gradually become shorter, nights cooler and kids will start to talk about going back to school. There are typically mixed feelings around this time – sadness that the summer is ending, but excitement…

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5 Things to Know about Sunscreen

  Summer’s almost here and your kids are likely spending more and more time outside enjoying the sunny weather. But no matter how they spend their days, whether they’re at the pool or the park, if they are outside kids need to wear sunscreen! It’s our job as parents to ensure we choose the best sunscreen…

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Bedwetting: When Will It Stop?

Potty training is a major milestone for your little one. If he’s using the potty regularly and recognizing when he needs to go during the day, he probably feels very proud of himself. But nighttime is different. In fact, it’s best to think of nighttime dryness as a separate but related milestone on a potty…

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5 Reasons Why Camp Is Good For Your Kids

Summer is fast approaching, have you considered sending your kids to camp? Camp not only gives parents a break, and allows us to work, but both day and sleep away camps are mutually beneficial to both camper and parent. There are many reasons why camp is great for your child, here are just a few:…

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How to Juggle Your Busy Schedule

You thought planning your own schedule was hard, but between your son’s T-Ball game, your baby’s mommy-and-me class and your daughter’s ballet recital, juggling your family’s schedule is nearly impossible! Bright side is we have all of these great things going on and things to do, and it’s all part of leading a healthy lifestyle….

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