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Specifically formulated for children, the Dr.Pops range of vitamin lollipops are a yummy way to supplement your kid’s vitamin intake.

Combining essential nutrients with natural flavors, the Dr.Pops kids therapeutic lozenges provide comfort instantly, making them an all natural healthy snack that children love.

  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colors
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Our Products

All Natural

Our products contain all natural ingredients with no added nasties

Allergy Safe

Suitable for children with nut, egg and seafood allergies

No Nasties

No artificial colors or flavors are contained within our lollipops


Low GI

Contains isomalt which does not increase blood glucose or insulin levels. It does not cause sugar spikes and does not promote tooth decay

Great Taste

These tropical fruit or honey flavoured lollipops are sure to be a favorite with your kids

Vitamin Supplements

Dr Pops lollipops are a great way to supplement your child’s daily vitamin intake